Friday, November 23, 2012

Channeling Fear

As evidenced by the ascent of the Age of The Walking Dead and Saw XXIV, we Americans have become increasingly immune to fear.  It takes more and more outrageous scenes of death, destruction, torture and an 8 year Obama administration to activate our flight reflexes.  We do not cover our eyes or run away as readily as we used to back when White Men ruled the world.  Things just seemed safer back then, at least if you watched Fox News with any regularity.

Now that the scary black man and his Black Panther Party thugs have stolen the election from Clint Eastwood, Fox News has turns its "journalists" back to other scary aspects of modern society, all no doubt caused, linked or exacerbated by the events of Benghazi 2012.   This video compilation from recent Fox News broadcasts highlights how often we must be inundated with scary images in order to infect the body politic with the proper instinct to run, or secede, from reasoned thinking.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Oh, and Happy Holidays. 

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