Friday, March 8, 2013

Moving On Up

Almost 3 years, 583 posts and 25,000+ page views later, I’m moving to my permanent virtual home:

Please set as your new home page.  The new platform is more appealing, easier to navigate, and will still host my fabulous treatise on Music, Sports, Religion, Politics, and everything in between that you have come to expect and dread.  This Blogger site will remain in suspension as a monument to my humble online beginnings, but it is time to upgrade (the platform at least).

If you currently receive automatic email announcements when I post new material, you’ll need to set that notification up on my new site.  It is so easy to do, I figured it out on my first try.

Please visit early and often, share it with like-minded family, friends and enemies, and most of all – let me know what you think.  I will wait patiently for you on Twitter as well - @TheMSRP.

Not gone – just moved.

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