Saturday, February 2, 2013

Top 10 On Screen Football Moments

I read a short list of greatest football moments from the movies and frankly, it stunk.  When I think great football on the screen, here's my pre-game clip list for your viewing pleasure:

Warning: Some scenes contain violence, hilarity, inappropriate behavior, and football references.

Number One:  Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Who could forget Jefferson's epic game performance against Lincoln, inspired by Spiccoli's ruse?

 Number Two:  Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

Jim Carrey shows us the essence of the professional game.

 Number Three:  Horse Feathers

Since inserting the entire movie would be difficult, here's the best football scenes from the Marx Brothers classic.

 Number Four:  Jerry Maguire

Rod Tidwell celebrates his moment.

Number Five:  Revenge of the Nerds

One of the most inspirational locker speeches of the 1980s, delivered by John Goodman.

Number Six:  The Longest Yard

Burt Reynolds at the peak of his skills shows us what football is all about.

Number Seven:  The Brady Bunch

Joe Namath elevates the football player to mythic status in this classic episode.  This might have been his audition tape for C.C. and Company.

Number Eight:  North Dallas Forty

This is how Ray Lewis learned to motivate his teammates.

Number Nine:  Any Given Sunday

Not funny, but the subject of many parodies over the years (and a regular clip on every Jumbotron in America).

Number Ten:  Rudy

It's got to be Rudy (cue the tears, gentlemen).

Let me know what I missed on Twitter @TheMSRP.  Enjoy the game.

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