Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Water Gate 2012

Rumor erupted across the blogosphere this morning that President Obama was responsible for Hurricane Sandy and the accompanying devastation across the Eastern United States.  The rumor, which some describe as a “slam dunk” to be a fact, details how the President caused the disaster in order to improve his standing as a leader during a national crisis.  Administration officials flatly denied the allegations, characterizing it as more “anti-science rhetoric” from the Far Right.

Unnamed sources who claim to have knowledge of meteorology and inner White House dealings reported to other unnamed sources that they heard from someone within a government that emails were exchanged between noted inventor and climate manipulator Al Gore and someone else who might be the President, or maybe another person.  They were not sure, but it could be that Gore discussed changing the weather in great detail with President Obama in the run up to Hurricane Sandy, and this information would directly implicate the President in a massive conspiracy to cause weather-related tragedies as a tactic to steal the November 6th election. 

Senior Romney spokesperson Steve Doocey said, “There is no question that the only one who benefits from the high waters, the power outages and the property damage is this President.  His policies practically invited the storm ashore, and once again, who gets hurt the worst?  The most vulnerable and the most dependent among us, exactly his most reliable base of support.  How can those people not see that?”

He added, “Nothing more clearly demonstrates Obama’s disdain for private business than his appeasement of Mother Nature.  Look at Wall Street now.  The destruction there is a directly result of his lack of leadership on the weather.”

“If he has nothing to hide, then by all means he can come out and publicly deny that he changed the weather to his benefit.”

Donald Trump, self-absorbed campaign spokesperson for the Romney camp, saw the storm creation by the President as another excuse to "give stuff" away to those who did not earn it.

"What happens after a hurricane?  Free food, free shelter and free health care - the entitlement hallmarks of a Democratic administration.  And as a bonus, he has ruined my hair for the week."

A bevy of bloviated blogs opined that natural disasters put the President in an elevated position, one of leadership, one of caring and one of control.  They further argue that Obama used a calculated storm surge to buttress his position against the rumored Romney electoral surge. 
The allegations are gaining momentum on the Internet.  Anonymous conservative Facebook members posted heated comments about the Obama weather-fixing scandal.  Read one comment:  “We cannot be surprised that the liberal media has turned its attention towards the Obama storm surge.  I am certain that Chris Matthews is doing cartwheels in his hybrid.”

Another comment read, “This is what Al Gore wanted all along.  Now he can take credit for Obama’s storm.  Mark my words, he’ll be out there again in 2016.  The rising tide of this storm could lift his boat all the way to the White House.”

One poster on Twitter who went by the handle #6000-yr-old-earth, wrote, “This will be Obama’s Watergate – literally.”

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