Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reverse the Curse

When one curse is lifted, another one is born.

Teddy Roosevelt, the oversized foam headed 26th President of the United States, beat his Mount Rushmore rivals in a ballpark sprint for the first time in 526 attempts.  His less than stellar records stands at an embarrassing 1 win and 525 losses.  Not too good.  That kind of performance will not get your face carved into the side of a mountain anytime soon, I can tell you that.  Even the minor leagues are too good for a guy that loses as often as the Rough Rider has lost.

He did win the race yesterday fair and square, so kudos to Teddy.  Actually, it wasn’t fair and square since a green creature intervened and tackled the other Presidents who were in hot pursuit, but politics is a dirty game.  What can you expect?  He deserved a little assistance.  It’s been a “rough ride” for poor Teddy for several years now, and frankly, Abe Lincoln is a cheater.

His inaugural victory must have been a good luck charm for the 98 win Washington Nationals because after he broke the tape, the first batter was Ryan Zimmerman who promptly hit a home run.  The legend of Teddy was born.  Whenever Teddy wins a race, the Nationals hit a home run.  It’s not exactly Kate Smith singing God Bless America before a Flyers’ game, but with time, it could become that special.  Game 7 of the World Series and we need a win, I want to see Roosevelt leave Tom, George and Abe in the infield dust and wait for that magic to translate to runs on the scoreboard for the home team.

Every time Teddy wins, something else happens to a Washington franchise, and in this case, it’s not that good for the home team.  On the day of Teddy’s great achievement, President Obama tanked in the first Presidential debate of the 2012 campaign.  The curse of Teddy was born.  Whenever Teddy wins a race, the Washington incumbent loses a debate.    It’s not exactly the Red Sox selling the rights to Babe Ruth to the Yankees, but with time, it could become that ominous.

So Teddy, I am glad your losing curse is lifted and the Washington baseball team can win now that you win.   But for the sake of the nation, just this season, could you lose on October 11th, 16th and 22nd?  Don’t do it for me.  Do it for your country.

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