Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Love and Politics

After a long and exhaustive vetting process, the choice of running mate has finally been made.  Now it is up to the public to decide if the right choice has been made.

There were many suitors along the way for the job.  Each had qualities that would have enhanced the popularity of the top of the ticket.  Each would bring valuable assets to the arrangement.  To earn the nod, you had to be your own person, with your own accomplishments, but yet not overshadow the real star of the show.  Now that the announcement has been made, it is clear that this selection was not about money, religious compatibility, or looks alone (although it helps to look good in official photos).  Personal chemistry trumped all other considerations.

Now it is the public’s turn to vet the selection, and we can expect the media to dig up as much dirt as possible.  We can expect months of unflattering stories, embarrassing pictures, and former friends to appear on the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, and maybe even 60 Minutes.  The quest for information and disinformation will seem endless, but that’s how our democracy functions.  We can only hope that it will be a healthy debate and that everyone’s personal privacy will be respected. 
Jennifer Aniston has selected Justin Theroux as her life running mate.  While Jennifer’s unfavorable have come down slightly since the announcement, we’ll see how long the bounce lasts.  Already there are reports that the other campaign of Pitt-Jolie is planning a quick wedding to temper any enthusiasm in the Aniston-Theroux camp.   We’re in for a long fall season.

Politics and romance are dirty businesses.  I like to watch.

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