Thursday, August 23, 2012

Forcible Withdrawal

Ever since John the Baptist lost his head proclaiming the Good News, killing the messenger has been a knee jerk response from those in power to any report of news they did not want.  Look what happened to those poor Stormtroopers who updated Darth Vader on the movements of the rebel forces.  The Mayans brought us the bad news that the world was coming to an end, and if you haven’t noticed, there aren’t many Mayans running around these days.  The messengers are convenient targets, but killing them never changes the underlying truths.  Just distracts us so we feel better temporarily, at least until the end of the world. 

No group has perfected the kill the messenger meme better than the modern day Republican Party.  For the Grand Old Party, the messenger that it victimizes time and again is the “Media”, specifically the Liberal Media.  The media reports bad news for the party, and therefore the bad news is the media’s fault.  Off with their talking heads!  Regardless of the veracity of the information, regardless of its factual basis, the response to bad news is that the media caused the bad news.

For example, Mitt Romney uses the media as an excuse not to discuss policy specifics or potential budget cuts in advance of Election Day.  The media might deliver a message that he does not like.  His secrecy about his bundlers, his executive records from Massachusetts, and his taxes are the media’s fault.  Sadly, this strategy seems to work so there is no end in sight to the approach.

The latest hero of the Democratic Party, confused yet stubborn Republican Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri, has taken the kill the messenger approach to new and historically dishonest heights, proving that the size of your balls can be as big as your imagination can dream them.  Rep. Akin is claiming to his supporters via Twitter that the liberal media is behind the drive to push him out of the Senate race.

The media reports the bad news about his candidacy and the words that come out of his mouth; the media must be to blame for creating the bad news about his candidacy.  Ballsy.

As a quick refresher, Akin stated last week that victims of “legitimate rape” could not become pregnant as a result of the attack.  He contended that the female body had the ability to recognize the subtle distinction between a legitimate rape and an illegitimate rape, and spontaneously reject the sperm of an illegitimate rapist.  He is the GOP Chairperson of the House Science Committee.  That’s not a joke (but he is).

Akin does not elaborate on his perceived difference between legitimate and illegitimate rape, but one can assume that he thinks the case of illegitimate rape occurs when the woman is asking for it based on her style of dress or general physical attractiveness.  This was the same guy who co-sponsored, along with VP candidate Paul Ryan, an amendment to redefine the rape exception in abortion laws with the adjective “forcible”.  Again, I can only assume that clarifying the word rape with the word “forcible” means that in Akin and Ryan’s worlds, there are non-forcible rapes that would no longer be considered under the exception.

If Akin has a definition of a non-forcible rape, I would love to hear it.  Then again, I don’t think I would.  If his opinion became public, that would be the media’s fault. 

Let’s look at his claim to his supporters that the liberal media is behind the drive to push him out of the Senate race.  His first lie is that he still has supporters.  When Sarah Palin bails on you, you no longer have supporters, and she bailed on him within days on Fox News.  A crazy politician without Palin support is just a crazy person.

In Akin-Land, these prominent figures that have called for his withdrawal from the Missouri Senate race:  Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin.  Which one of those, Rep Akin, are under the umbrella of “Liberal Media”?

The list of non-supporters that have called for his forcible ouster include Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and they are supposed to be severe, not like that Forgotten Republican, the compassionate George W. Bush.  None of these public figures belong to the Liberal Media Establishment.

This does not prevent Akin from trying to implant this idea in the minds of the people.  His obvious hope is that the memory of this incident will be flushed out of the political system within a month and that this episode will be remembered as a mere cramp in his campaign cycle. 
In essence, Akin has decided when it comes to the fall campaign, he’s just going to lie back and enjoy it.

In my mind, there are legitimate candidates and illegitimate candidates for the Senate of the United States.  I won’t explain the distinct here for fear the media establishment will twist my words, but suffice to say that I believe Rep. Todd Akin is an illegitimate representative for public office and should be forcibly withdrawn from consideration.

It is no one’s fault but his, so in his case, I guess I will blame the victim.  He brought it on himself.  Paid the price.  His fault.

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