Friday, January 4, 2013

All in a Day

Yesterday I went to work.  I worked all day.  During lunch break, I drove to a tile showroom to look at (you guessed it) floor tiles.  While I was at work, Cherie went to 2 different grocery stores to restock our shelves after the holidays.

I came home from work around 6 PM and drove my son to his scout meeting.  Immediately after that, I drove to pick up my daughter form her dance class.  While I was picking up my daughter, Cherie ran to my son’s scout meeting to deliver the $5 he needed but had forgotten.  Soon after I returned home from the dance class pick up, it was time to head out for the scout meeting pick up.  Returning home, I had a few minutes to put Lucy in the bath before heading out to pick up more girls from dance class and carpool them to their home.  Home by 9:15 PM, I now had time to do dishes.

My wife and I accomplished more in one day than the United States Congress accomplished in one year.

My family constituents might not like the food we bought, but it is for their own good.  Our constituents might not like the car we drove to pick them up from their activities, but it got the job done.  Our constituents might not like the fact that we require a little more contribution from them around the house, but we have to survive on our budget.  A paid cleaning staff is not an option.  Our constituents may complain, but as the leaders of the family, it’s our job to move us forward.  This is not a democracy.

We spent the day planning for the future, reacting to emergencies, and addressing our basic needs.  All in a day’s work.

Some politicians like to ask the question, “Would you run your family the same way we run the government?”  To those politicians I say, “Try acting like my family and get something done for a change.” 
I am not suggesting that the government act like parents.  I am suggesting that our elected leaders stop acting like dependent children.

Zero sum politics is no way to govern.

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