Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year in Review in 100 Words

The problem with all of the Year in Review articles available right now is their length.  In our ‘Tweet and Retreat’ society, we only have time for a few choice words, and then we need to move on.  In this case, we need to get to 2012, and soon.  Can’t let too much reading and reflection slow us down. 
If you read my blog with any regularity, then the majority of these words will be enough for you to reflect on 2011 without delaying your preparations for 2012.  Think of these words as a crawl across the bottom of the screen of your world.  Notice the words, let them tickle your subconscious with a comfortable “ah ha”, and then start looking forward.  Here are my 100 words (57 memories) for 2011:

In no particular order:

·         Gabby
·         OWS
·         1%
·         Baby Caylee
·         Arab Spring
·         No Fly Zone
·         Muammar
·         Fukushima
·         Long form version
·         The Ryan Plan
·         “Right wing social engineering”
·         Pippa
·         Will and Kate
·         DADT
·         Abbottabad
·         Seal Team 6
·         Irene
·         Weiner’s weiner
·         Debt ceiling
·         Downgrade
·         Supercommittee
·         Drones
·         HPV
·         Tebow’ed
·         Lambeau Leap
·         The Big Three
·         David Freese
·         Concussion syndrome
·         Collective bargaining
·         “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan”
·         9-9-9
·         Tiger Mom
·         Eurozone
·         “…what’s the third one…?”
·         Newt
·         SuperPACs
·         T-Paw
·         Tweet
·         4G
·         Solyndra
·         Privacy settings
·         Being “underwater”
·         Sandusky
·         Ah-nuld's lovechild
·         Pepper spray
·         The Donald
·         Snowmageddon
·         Harry Potter
·         Kardashian
·         Bieber Fever
·         “Winning”
·         Neutrinos
·         Fannie and Freddie
·         “Pass this bill”
·         Tablets
·         Jobs (the Apple kind)
·         Siri

We welcome 2012 with open arms and double dog dare you Mayans out there to try something.  We’ll be ready.

Let me know what I missed, and be safe out there tonight.

* for you local DC readers, I must add "Bad Rex", "Boudreau Bye-Bye" and "Riggleman Meltdown" to the list.  Oh, yeah - Earthquake.

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  1. love it. thank you for summing up so eloquently and reminding me why reflecting on a year gone by isn't just a hallmark holiday. :)