Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Mandate Madness

“Individual mandates are anti-American” I am told, and one of my readers takes exception to the most egregious individual mandate of all – child support payments.

To the Editors of MSRP:

Finally, we are having a national conversation about women taking responsibility for their actions! I do not want to be forced to pay for their sexual activity. I have watched and listened with great interest while the media that is not elite and liberal points out the hypocrisy of the media that is elite and liberal on this important defining cultural issue. It’s high time we discuss this out in the open.

Women need to own up to their economic responsibilities when it comes to contraception. Rick Santorum SuperPAC supporter, Foster Freiss, said it best. “Back in my days, they used Bayer aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.”

Exactly. We have allowed the gals to believe that the product of sexual activity is a shared responsibility, and this entitlement mentality has led to a massive government reach around. I am talking, of course, about state mandated child support payments that discriminate against men.

As I recently fumed over the onerous wage garnishment from my weekly paycheck, Rush Limbaugh helped to crystallize my thinking on this critical assault on freedom and accountability. “What do you call a woman who wants to be paid to have sex?”, he asked. I knew the answer rhymed with ‘attitude’. I thought dinner, a movie and a cheap box of wine was payment enough, and it probably would have been if not for the long reach around of the government.

Without question, everyone I have ever listened to on the radio agrees that all government mandates are necessarily bad for freedom. Mandatory conscription, mandatory sales taxes, mandatory hunting licenses, mandatory secularism – where does it end? Mandatory child support payments are just the beginning, and they laid the foundation for the next nail in freedom’s coffin – the unconstitutional health insurance individual mandate.

The purpose of the child support mandate is clear. Obama has a plan to redistribute wealth. The child support mandate takes wealth from men like me and gives it to women and children, two groups most likely to vote for Democrats. This is so transparent as to be silly! Put another way, women make an irresponsible choice to sleep with me, and then I am punished.

Beyond illegality and immorality, child support mandates do not make economic sense in a time of rising budget deficits. Tracking me down takes valuable resources away from other more pressing and legitimate government concerns, like national defense, highway repairs, and the targeting of American citizens abroad for termination based on suspicions of terrorism. There are administrative and court costs, payroll costs, tax accounting costs associated with the child support mandate. These dollars could be better spent in the marketplace instead of being used to support children who should be out learning the value of a dollar.

Once women become aware of their blessed condition, the Good Lord provides several months preparation time for women to spend getting their own fiscal houses in order. It is not as if the baby is thrust upon them in the dark of night. The average gestational period of a human being is 9 months (source: Wikipedia). They made their beds. Now they can lay in it, and buy their own queen sized sheets and blankets, too. They already have taken the best parking spaces. Now the government thinks they deserve my money too.

I may choose to help with a voluntary donation. Local faith based community groups may choose to help. The difference here is choice. No one is mandated. The government stays out of this private matter, and the woman is not rewarded financially for her decision to enjoy my company for a few brief, heated, and ultimately unfulfilling moments. That’s called “tough love”, and it works with kids (source: Mr. Spock, famous baby doctor).

I can understand the argument for mandating child support in the case of rape or incest. That’s wrong and those dirt bags should be punished. But when one of my gals refuses to accept personal responsibility for her impulsive actions and refuses to plan appropriately, I should not be the victim. That’s what’s wrong with America – the victimization of victims.

Once the individual health insurance mandate is ruled unconstitutional, the child support mandate should be aborted from the books next. A mandate that targets only men is not viable. The time has come for women to be responsible for their own actions and the consequences of those actions.


Shawn Kemp, Official Donor and Aggrieved Victim
Address withheld at request of the author

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