Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sanity 1 - Fear 0, But Who Keeps Score?

I did not attend this afternoon's comedy show.  There is nothing funny about searching for an available (and clean) Port-O-Potty in downtown DC.  Besides, I was the target audience - someone who doesn't have time for all these rallies.  I did follow the proceedings on the Internet, however, and I have to share some of my favorite signs.  This was one creative group on the Mall today.  Remember, we're not laughing with you - we're laughing at you (and you know who you are...):

My Top Twenty-Five:
  • Vote lawyers out
  • God Hates Snuggies
  • The Founding Fathers were East Coast liberals
  • I already regret choosing to carry a sign around all day
  • Save the dinosaurs
  • In reason we trust
  • I’m against protest signs, but I don’t know how to show it
  • Green Tea Party
  • Moderates do it both ways 
  • Have you seen my keys?
  • I Support Privatizing Fire Depts.
  • A sign in Islamic script with a subtitle reading: "Relax, it just says McDonalds"
  • Ask. Tell.
  • Rally to restore manatee
  • We could be wrong
  • I hope this isn't a trap
  • ...and TAKE OFF THE CAPS LOCK!!!
  • The Founding Fathers Fathered Anchor Babies
  • If Obama's a Muslim, can we have Fridays off?
  • Freedom Fries! NEVER FORGET
  • Death to the Extremists
  • Birthers for Hawaii Statehood
  • Free Charlie Sheen
  • Jon 3:16
And for my friends in Delaware: “I Masturbate, and I Vote”

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